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I got a policy with only a small rating (in part, I assume, because I had a
pump).  But the biggest issue was finding a life insurance broker who did
not work as an agent for a particular company, but instead could place
policies with any company.  My broker took my case history and medical exam
data directly to the underwriters at the company and secured the policy.
They did take out the waiver of premiums clause (which would have paid the
premium if I became disabled), but the "universal life" policy is still in
effect after almost twenty years and I pay $7500 a year for $750,000 of
coverage.  I really think finding the broker who strongly believes in your
case is the key.  Good luck.  Joel

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> INSURANCEDoes anyone know if the cost of life insurance decreases
> when your on
> the pump?
>  Dustin, I believe it would depend on the company. But I suspect
> it doesn't. I
> know when my dad asks questions of clients he is signing, he
> doesn't ask what
> type/delivery method of insulin they are using, just if they are
> using insulin
> when they say they are diabetic. And yes, he is an agent for a major life
> insurance agency....New York Life. He always told me after I was
> first diagnosed
> diabetic to be sure I was covered by my husbands employer health
> plan cause I
> would have a H&LL of a time getting it all alone and even if
> I did, I would
> pay and exhorbant price, and then I went on insulin and he
> reminded me that the
> price just went sky high. He knows I'm going on the pump and he
> hasn't said a
> word. Liz
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