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[IP] weekend carb counting

Ok experts!

Actually, everyone on this list is an expert in my opinion. I got a pattern
down but can't crack it. Here is the pattern:

* Monday through Friday I work and my insulin to carb ratio per meal is 1
unit per 13 grams of carbs works great since activity is pretty much the

* I have determined that what threw off my sugars was my weekend Sat/Sun. I
am not as active and take naps with my son etc.

How can I nail down my insulin to carb ratios for the weekend as compared to
the weekdays when I work since my weekends don't have as clear patterns to
them? I.E I may napp one day, not the next, and am generally less active
unless I swim or take a walk etc. In other words, weekends are gunna be hard
to determine my insulin to carb ratio since they are not as concrete as my
weekdays. Any advice?

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