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RE: [IP] Freestyle Meter

>Thanks very much Sharon as there is a basic problem using any of these
>meters with animal blood
>and it compounds the problem, if there is one in the first place.

I've used both OneTouch and Glucometer Elite with my animals and 
found no problem (other than you can't really get a Dwarf Hamster to 
bleed).   Anyway, my Great Dane didn't have any complaints against 
them!      ;>)


>-----Original Message-----
>My meter is very consistent.  If I do testing one right after another they
>are usually within 5 pts. I have another at my husband's office. I will get
>him to bring it home today to see if both freestyles are consistent and I'll
>let you know in a couple of days.  Sharon
>From: "margo2" <email @ redacted>
>  > Thanks Sharon. What I'm looking for is consistency in readings. I had a
>>  meter a long time ago, and one used during the study, that if you did one
>>  test right after another the results were amazingly dissimilar. They would
>>  be meters I wouldn't trust for anything. I don't want to invest in another
>>  meter that would do this and I think I've heard mostly good about the
>  > Freestyle but am not quite sure.
>  > I use a Freestyle and my results from forearm to finger are very close ~10
>  > pts difference.  I still check finger drop if low or results don't match
>  > way I feel.  I don't know how much they really cost. With my ins I get 200
>>  for $25.  I have several one touch meters, and accucheck, but I LOVE my
>  > freestyle.  Sharon
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