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[IP] HELP! lots of highs

I haven't been doing anything different but for the past week or two I've
had many unexplained highs after eating a light snack or a meal, or
sometimes after doing nothing at all.  I've taken my normal bolus and
everything.  I've changed my sites almost every 2 days lately (normal is
4 days for me).  Well last night I finally thought it might be my new
bottle of insulin, so I opened another one.  My sugar was perfect this
am-123 (after a evening of highs).  I had the SAME exact thing I've been
eating for breakfast for the past few months, the same basal and a brand
new site.  It was 276 two hours later.  Another example is saturday
before dinner it was 99.  I ate out so I can kinda see why it might have
gotten a little high, but it was 290!  I took a correction, it went down
to 255, got up at 2 am to check it, it had gone up to 276 and I took
another bolus, it was still 276 the next m! orning.  Finally, it went
down that morning.  Normally, I would make sure my site was okay, etc
etc.  But it's been happening a lot lately.  I haven't been doing
anything differently but I don't know what else to do.  I thought maybe
my sites were getting bad (I'm thin and have a hard time with sites
sometimes) but this is a new site I haven't done it months.  Anyway, I
don't know what else to do but I'm getting very frustrated.  Any ideas? 
Oh by the way, I'm 27, not going through any stress, nothing has changed
in my life and I'm not going through puberty.  Thanks in advance!


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