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[IP] Re:Site Availability

At 2:49 AM -0500 8/19/03, probent wrote:
>     Would you please say more about the long term consequences of
>injections. Is this showing up as an absorption problem? Do the pump
>companies have any comments? Your experience tells me that there may be a
>time limit to using a pump. While that seems reasonable to me I have not
>heard any medical comments.
>     This seems like a dark corner in the pumping world.          Peter

There are 26 people on this list that live in that "dark corner". 
Be sure to get the comment of those people who have been pumping over 
15 years, 16 of whom have been pumping for 20+ years, one of which 
has been pumping for 25+ years.
                    (not meaning to take the spotlight off of 
Elizabeth's problem)

>>  Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 17:58:54 -0500
>>  From: "Elizabeth Hanawalt" <email @ redacted>
>>  The only other thing I would add to this list is that I've been pumping for
>>  13 years and the site availability is dwindling.  I know that there are
>>  parts of my body that I can't use anymore and that's affecting my A1C and
>>  that's really getting my frustrated.
>  > Elizabeth

George       :>)
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