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[IP] Paradigm 512 & BD Logic Meter

I saw my endo yesterday and she was very excited about the new Paradigm 512
and BD Logic Meter.  My pump trainer also happened to be there and she was
of the opinion that the $450.00 upgrade would be well worth the cost for the
new features and Bolus Wizard (I currently use the Paradigm 511).  I have
the literature on it and am considering it, but wanted to know what others
who are using it right now think of it and also how they like the BD Logic
Meter.  I've read where some people had problems with the meter and others
didn't (currently use a One Touch Ultra).

I really don't have an issue calculating my bolus for food, but I do have
issues calculating unused insulin for corrections.  I basically can't do it
so what I usually do is calculate my correction and if I still have unused
insulin on board, I take about half of the correction amount and test every
hour to make sure I don't go low.  Not very accurate I know.  Also, the 512
will do .05 basal increments instead of just .10, so that would be a nice
added feature.

I wasn't even thinking of upgrading until I saw the endo yesterday, and now
I'm wondering if it will make my life easier.  But then I think about
waiting 3 more years when the warranty's up on my current pump, because I'm
sure by then they will have several more upgrades and features.

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