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Re: [IP] Re: might not be pumping after all!

This is pretty strange that you can't find out.  I was able to find out
the contracted price from the insurance verifier at both MM and Deltec
when I was shopping for pumps.  I didn't get any information from my own
insurance company, but the pump companies were happy to tell me and they
knew from my policy exactly what my co-pay would be to the penny.  They
want you to know and want to help you figure out ways to be able to buy
it if possible.  If they don't help you, it might result in the loss of
the sale.  This is a business after all.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> I have to pay 10% of the contracted price
> if it's considered in-network or 30% of the actual cost if the pump is out
> of network.  I know that my insurance company has a contract with MM but
> have not been able to find out what that price is or if they have a contract
> with Deltec for the Cosmo.  For some reason, that I don't understand, they
> can't give me that information.
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