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Re: [IP] Coffee, Caffeine and morning basal check

At 01:50 AM 8/18/03, you wrote:
>In asking the question, I guess I am trying to uncomplicate my life the other
>364 days of the year.  Personally, I am still working on a solution and the
>bolus idea may be what I end up with.


I have a similar problem but not with coffee.  I go high just getting out 
of bed in the morning.  But, rather than change my basals, as so many 
others have suggested, I take a "get out of bed in the morning 
bolus".  This works out to 1 - 1 1/2 units for me.  Why not change my 
basals?  Because this phenomena is caused by getting up.  If I want to 
sleep in or not get up at 7:00 a.m. every morning, the changing basal 
doesn't work as then I go low before getting up.  So, I'd rather bolus than 
mess around with basals.  I feel I have more control that way.  And, as 
I've said before, THEORETICALLY, the basal should only cover fasting not 
foods.  But, I'm sure you will work out whatever works best for you, and as 
always, YMMV.  :o)

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