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Take it from a old married man!   The sweetest woman will turn into a 
@#$%# with PPD,  I'm approching my 50th anniv.  and with three kids  So 
I've been there and done that!!!   There were a few times I thought I 
should lock up the knives,  What is interesting is that , it can change 
one minute to the next.  I spent many a day (and night) trying to figure 
out 'what I had done wrong'. 
One day our old family doctor called me and ask me to come in to see 
him. I did he told me the wife had come in for a check up and thought he 
had better let me know everything was fine but she had PPD, he gave her 
some 'pills' that might work  and he had something for me!  Pulled out a 
bottle and we both sat there and had a couple of drinks  .  He told me 
women were strange, -- pregant women were worse and new mothers were 
even more so!:)
How right he was/is

Amundson, Dustin wrote:

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>My BG's are not even.  I do have a lot of ups and downs.  My A1c is usually
>in the low 7's.  Last time it was 6.7.  I think she is having PPD.  She's
>always tired and very moody.  I do try to help her, but it's never enough.
>I think I will have to wait a long time before I bring it up again.  She
>shut me out when I bring it up.  By the way we didn't loose any babies...
>We only have one together.  I have a 9 year old step son though.
>She doesn't help me with lows, she criticizes me because, according to her I
>am out of control.  Maybe it's a denial thing, I don't know.
>Dustin A. Amundson
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