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Re: [IP] Re: ate twinkie now high sugar

I'm not on the pump yet, Doing Lantus 10u bedtime and 5u am, I use 1:15 
insulin/carb ratio and have bounced around from 10 to15 u per carb.. I 
change from 10 to 15 on the moon phase, or my toes itch!!!:)  Also I am 
on Novolog and it could make a difference.     One thing I've learned is 
that as soon as you 'think' you have it figured out, ---- it will jump 
up and bite you in the a## 

Justin Daubenmire wrote:

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>na, not at all Jan. Any endo tells an insulin shot patient to carb count and
>dose accordingly. Me dropping the UL last week was not good, I admit that,
>but carb counting and bolusing using Humalog for carbs is a given whether
>you are pumping or on a shot. I'm certain those on insulin shots prior to
>the pump can confirm that carb counting/bolusing is not just a pump concept,
>it is fully supported by the endos and is encouraged for insulin shot takers
>as well. I'm just having trouble getting my carb to insulin ratio down using
>humalog being on it for a week.
>>My advice still stands: Don't play pump until you actually get one.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: