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Seems the problem does indeed go beyond the pump. Did she show
inconsideration for your diabetes prior to her pregnancy? A marriage is
supposed to be give and take and I'm basically with Jenny here....you have a
disease that should be taken care of and she should be concerned with your
well-being, and part of that is definitely good control.


My BG's are not even.  I do have a lot of ups and downs.  My A1c is usually
in the low 7's.  Last time it was 6.7.  I think she is having PPD.  She's
always tired and very moody.  I do try to help her, but it's never enough.
I think I will have to wait a long time before I bring it up again.  She
shut me out when I bring it up.  By the way we didn't loose any babies...
We only have one together.  I have a 9 year old step son though.

She doesn't help me with lows, she criticizes me because, according to her I
am out of control.  Maybe it's a denial thing, I don't know.

Dustin A. Amundson
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