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On 8/18/03 8:39 AM, "Michelle & Howard Schlight" <email @ redacted>
Demonstrated stellar typing skills by writing:

> I also realize that he is in denial about the seriousness of diabetes, I
> have had mine since I was 11 (35 yrs) and he was just diagnosed with T2
> about a year ago, and he is in denial, I think that when I do 'better' at
> control, it makes him angry at himself
> He needs to lose nearly 200 lbs, and needs to work on other things, but
> doesn't even do BG checks unless he feels bad

You hit the nail on the head.

Many spouses are a perfect example of the 'Misery Loves Company' adage.
Seems that while they really believe they love us and all, they won't truly
'Get it' until something goes very wrong.

Don't let his problem be your problem. Pursue the pump and if he can't deal
with it, you're right it is HIS problem. Don't let be yours.

Go for it, Girl.

I also say to the man with the wife, you do as you can to get your pump.
Maybe she frustrated with pregnancy and all, but is having you in very poor
health later going to make things easier? I don't think so! Heck by the time
you actually GET the pump, she'll have gotten more rest and help....right
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