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Re: [IP] Re: ate twinkie now high sugar

Hey Justin,
I was carb counting before pumping as well. I just wanted to let u know, its
not as accurate as with the pump. When I first started doin it pre pump,
they had me doing a different ratio than i am now.....i started at 1u/8g i
am now at 1u/14g..........i also change to 1u/12g after 7pm. It is only
because i have a proper basal now that i have figured it out so well now. I
think(at least for me) that a proper basal was impossible with long acting
insulins( i have the 'dawn thingy' (cant spell that werd lol)). My ratio is
constantly changing now as well because I am going to the gym regularly and
as my body gets fit it is also using the insulin more efficiently.
Anyway what I   am tryin to say is.....you may not get the control as tight
as you are after untill you are pumping. My control definatly improved when
i was on the lantis, but nothing like it is now, I LOVE MY PUMP!!!!
Tami in Tucson
Pumpin with the animus for 10 months now
(havent seen the paramedics for 10 months now as well)
na, not at all Jan. Any endo tells an insulin shot patient to carb count and
dose accordingly. Me dropping the UL last week was not good, I admit that,
but carb counting and bolusing using Humalog for carbs is a given whether
you are pumping or on a shot. I'm certain those on insulin shots prior to
the pump can confirm that carb counting/bolusing is not just a pump concept,
it is fully supported by the endos and is encouraged for insulin shot takers
as well. I'm just having trouble getting my carb to insulin ratio down using
humalog being on it for a week.

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