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RE: [IP] ate twinkie now high sugar

Justin, you can carb count using the Humalog and Novalog just as you do with
a pump, however, I never found that it worked as well because you can't set
the basal insulin as correctly with injections like you can with a pump.
Also, sometimes you just don't win.


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Hi all.

Ok, I was put on humalog 1 week ago. I got my body used to it and was
running sugars that were in range and doing well checking every 2 and 3
hours past eating meals and all was good and in range under 120 all the
time. I decided to put humalog to the test, my first mistake. I ate a
zinger, which is like a twinkie with iceing on top for those who don't know.
It had 27 grams of carbs in 1 and the fat was 5 so I figured no need to
break up my bolus would just dose for it at once. I properly calculated my
carbs using my lunch ratio that has worked for 1 week. I eat the blasted
thing and 2.5 hours later am 186 instead of the normal 81. To make matters
worse, I have been running in the 200 since last evening and can't break the
high sugar. Can anyone offer some ideas as to why this has happened? I was
assuming, and now realize this was wrong, that humalog would allow me to
occasionally enjoy a treat and handle the sugar/carbs. What went wrong?

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