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My husband was not really supportive or unsupportive.  It was more or less
like he just didn't care.  Of course, with us most of this is just really
old hat and he trusts my decision when it comes to my health.  He has never
learned how to do anything with my pump and I've never insisted.  My husband
really doesn't "do" technology anyway.  That said, after I got my pump, he
was soo glad I got it because of the freedom we now enjoy.  If we run into
friends while out shopping and they say "let's go to lunch" we can just go.
I don;t have to worry about carrying vials and syringes or pen and needles.
We do a lot of camping and hiking and I can go much further and for longer
periods of time now.  Once we ran across a restaurant on a hiking trail and
we could just "stop & eat" because I was no longer on the "schedule". Maybe
if you told her about the benefits and being able to help more?  But I agree
the new baby & sleep deprivation may be the root of the problem.  I wasn't a
nice person when my babies were very young & **I** could only feed them ; )
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