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[IP] Re: Unsupportive wife

> I have a wife and a 2 month old. My wife is not supportive at all about
> pump.  She says she wants me to switch Dr's because he gave me the option
> use the pump.  She also thinks he is in it for the commission.  Even if I
> were to get it free she Doesn't want me to get it.  She says she said she
> would be embarrassed of me to be wearing it . . .


Elizabeth gave a very good reply, and IIRC (if I recall correctly), you also
lost one of the babies as the pregnancy was twins. Women do go through much
body changes and men are mostly *standby-ers*. A pump would help your health
in the long run and for your family's future. However, she is looking at the
present with a lot on her plate. To add on a *toy* for you when she is
dealing with so much probably isn't what she wants to hear right now. I
agree about giving her some time.

Does she realize most of the pumps are about the size of a 3/4" stack of
business cards? Many people wear pagers/cell phones about that size so it
isn't unusual to have a *machine* attached and it can be hidden in a pocket.
Eyeglasses are a nuisance as well.

Do you have all *even* BGs, or ups and downs? In a few weeks, approach it
about the wear and tear on your body/health/attitudes of level BGs. Many
have better temperaments with a BG in a more normal range - would she like
that? Does she know of complications and you may be able to avoid them with
better control and that should be accomplished with the possibility of
multiple basal rates? Does she know the freedom you AND your family could
have by not being restricted to a meal schedule and delayed meals? Sick days
and exercise are more easily handled by being able to increase/decrease
basal delivery as needed - an injection cannot be sucked back out.

Some companies will let you trial a pump for 30 days or so - hopefully you
could use insulin so you get the *real feel* of it working so she can see
the benefitS. This would not mean a firm commitment, but the difference it
would/could make for you AND you family might sway her. Does you dr. have
any nearby pumpers who would be willing to meet with you and your wife to
actually see/hear the benefits and change in lifestyle a pump has brought

Does your wife assist you in you low BG excursions? Is she involved in your
care otherwise or is she in denial? Hopefully we can hit on the *thing* that
is hidden that is causing her to feel this way. We may be way off base, but
there are usually 3 sides to a story - the 2 opposing and the true one.

Jan (64 y/o, dx'd T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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