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[IP] Re: Alternate site testing

Could be the meter Karen - I had never seen problems with it before, but this
is a new one that we had sent because the old Freestyle (and I mean
OOOOLLLLLDDDD)  kept saying ER4 and they agreed to send another one.
Thanks for the help!
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  From: maverickmom (Kerri)
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  Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2003 12:11 AM
  Subject: RE: Alternate site testing

  Our endo encourages AST, especially with the younger kids. I calibrate our
meter with the lab whenever we get bloodwork drawn and, whether we have them
put a drop of blood from the needle onto the test strip, or Shannon does a bg
on her arm or finger, the readings have always been very, very close
(literally within a few points). So we know that it's accurate. When I've done
arm vs finger (within minutes of each other, just to double check a suspicious
number) I've never seen more than a ~10pt difference on this meter. Now, we
had another FreeStyle that we saw a wide variation with so maybe that
particular meter you're using just isn't as accurate as some. But we feel very
confident with the one we're using.
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    From: michelle [mailto:email @ redacted]
    Sent: Saturday, August 16, 2003 4:51 PM
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    Subject: Alternate site testing

    What does your endo/CDE say about testing on arms?  Ry just met with a new
CDE and he wants only palms and fingers testing with the Freestyle because of
accuracy.  So I came home and tested myself with the Freestyle and on my palm
of my hand (clean) it was 248 and on my arm it was 189 - this was quite a wake
up call for me!  Just wondering what others are told as we ALWAYS did arm
testing only, and now I am questioning.
    mom of Ryan 15yo dx 2/00 pumping 9/02
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