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I don't have a lot to go on, but i have a friend who
just had a baby.  She sleeps 4 hrs a day, and sometimes
has time to eat.  

If she has always been supportive, i would consider
whether she is thinking, as i might, having just borne
a child, that she has absolutely no time to learn how
to use it (and help you).  I sat here thinking how i
would feel if i felt something like that about someone
i cared about, and i wondered if i might flour it with
stuff like how it looks and such-all.

I can't say for sure, but it seems to me that all i've
ever taught my boyfriends how to do is disconnect it
from me if i'm having a massive low (and generally dial
911 immediately thereafter)...  It's not like she'll
need to learn anything new other than that if she
doesn't want to....

I do think the earlier responder might have hit on it
also.  Perhaps you two need to settle into a child
dealing routine before you introduce a new machine into
the mix.  And as a woman, i would always suggest
helping more, as Liz did <smile>.  (To a woman there is
never a such thing as 'enough help', you could be
running from dusk to dawn, and she still will too, and
won't feel like you're doing as much as you are...
perception is a rotten thing, i think)

Just remember, I've been on this alone for nearly 7
years.  You don't need that much help.  Your suit
jacket will cover it, you can remove it at intimate
moments, it looks like a pager....The only time folks
have asked has been when they are eyelevel with it and
see the tubing, or when it's out of place, i believe i
once wore it in the ties of a costume corset.  They
asked then :)  Otherwise, most just assume its a pager.

> Dustin,
> my hubby at first said, yeah, go ahead, whatever, then
> I wore one of those
> continuous glucose monitors over a weekend (for
> to 'prove' need) and
> he changed his mind...the next thing I knew, he was
> supportive :-(
> I have done a lot of praying and thinking on it, and I
> have decided that it
> is HIS problem (yes, it would be better if he was more
> supportive, but.....I
> NEED a pump, so I can feel better and keep all of the
> things I still have
> i.e. reduce complications)
> One day, it really got to me and I broke down and was
> crying, telling him
> about how bad I feel, how depressed I get feeling 'out
> of control' etc. and
> he settled down somewhat on being so negative
> I also realize that he is in denial about the
> seriousness of diabetes, I
> have had mine since I was 11 (35 yrs) and he was just
> diagnosed with T2
> about a year ago, and he is in denial, I think that
> when I do 'better' at
> control, it makes him angry at himself
> He needs to lose nearly 200 lbs, and needs to work on
> other things, but
> doesn't even do BG checks unless he feels bad
> I cannot change him, and I will try to minimize a
> pump's impact on his life
> (for me,not him!!), at first <VBG> so that he can get
> used to it
> good luck
> Michelle S
> ----- Original Message ----- >
> > I have a wife and a 2 month old. My wife is not
> supportive at all about
> the
> > pump.  She says she wants me to switch Dr's because
> he gave me the option
> to
> > use the pump.  She also thinks he is in it for the
> commission.  Even if I
> > were to get it free she Doesn't want me to get it. 
> She says she said she
> > would be embarrassed of me to be wearing it (not in
> exactly those words,
> but
> > that's the way I took it).  She will not take the
> time to learn about any
> of
> > it.  Has anyone been in this situation? Or have any
> suggestions what to
> do?
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