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my hubby at first said, yeah, go ahead, whatever, then I wore one of those
continuous glucose monitors over a weekend (for records to 'prove' need) and
he changed his mind...the next thing I knew, he was not supportive :-(

I have done a lot of praying and thinking on it, and I have decided that it
is HIS problem (yes, it would be better if he was more supportive, but.....I
NEED a pump, so I can feel better and keep all of the things I still have
i.e. reduce complications)

One day, it really got to me and I broke down and was crying, telling him
about how bad I feel, how depressed I get feeling 'out of control' etc. and
he settled down somewhat on being so negative

I also realize that he is in denial about the seriousness of diabetes, I
have had mine since I was 11 (35 yrs) and he was just diagnosed with T2
about a year ago, and he is in denial, I think that when I do 'better' at
control, it makes him angry at himself

He needs to lose nearly 200 lbs, and needs to work on other things, but
doesn't even do BG checks unless he feels bad

I cannot change him, and I will try to minimize a pump's impact on his life
(for me,not him!!), at first <VBG> so that he can get used to it

good luck

Michelle S
----- Original Message ----- >
> I have a wife and a 2 month old. My wife is not supportive at all about
> pump.  She says she wants me to switch Dr's because he gave me the option
> use the pump.  She also thinks he is in it for the commission.  Even if I
> were to get it free she Doesn't want me to get it.  She says she said she
> would be embarrassed of me to be wearing it (not in exactly those words,
> that's the way I took it).  She will not take the time to learn about any
> it.  Has anyone been in this situation? Or have any suggestions what to
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