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  --- On Mon 08/18, Amundson, Dustin < email @ redacted
> wrote:

 From: Amundson, Dustin [mailto: email @ redacted]To:
email @ redacted: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 11:07:23 -0400Subject: [IP]
UNSUPPORTIVE WIFEI have a wife and a 2 month old. My wife is not supportive at
all about thepump. She says she wants me to switch Dr's because he gave me the
option touse the pump. She also thinks he is in it for the commission. Even if
Iwere to get it free she Doesn't want me to get it. She says she said shewould
be embarrassed of me to be wearing it (not in exactly those words, butthat's the
way I took it). She will not take the time to learn about any ofit. Has anyone
been in this situation? Or have any suggestions what to do? Dustin
 Dustin, sounds like there is more going on here than just the pump. After all,
she is only 8 weeks from having that baby and maybe is still suffering from a
wee bit of PPD. Maybe not much and it may be more sleep deprivation than
anything and here you are, looking at a new *TOY* for you. Okay, it's not a toy
but she may SEE it that way. Maybe you need to give it a few months and let life
settle down in your house first. Let her get some sleep, help HER out. Do what
you can to make her life easier and then in a couple of months approach the idea
again and she may see things in a different light. You'll be surprised what
doing things for a wife will do toward their outlook toward *toys*. If she still
feels that way, try getting her in with a rep to let her see one for herself so
she can see just how small they really are. Liz

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