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Re: [IP] Insertion site--newbie needs a little help!

>  I just got hooked up Thursday (with the saleine--insulin starts Sunday)
and I'm
> still a little confused about what to do when I change sites...i.e. do I
> to put some kind of first-aid cream on the site when I take the cannula
> I'm using the IV prep from Minimed (that I know has triclosan in it), but
do I
> need an additional cream, etc for putting on the site after I take it out?

lotta people do this different ways.  i never bother to put anything on the
old site when i take out the old infusion set, unless it looks odd, then i
just use some polysporin.  i'll normally use some rubbing alcohol to take
off the rest of the adhesive (i use an adhesive remover over the quickset
tape to get the tape off, the alcohol cleans the rest off better).  the iv
prep i use before i put the new site in cause it helps add a bit of
stickiness. i wouldn't use it after taking one out.

liz - in ottawa, where the lights are on again, at least in my apartment
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