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Re: [IP] Can you help me?

thank you! yes, quite well! Let me encourage others to please email
email @ redacted and ask them to add a speech chip to the unit so blind
folks can hear the bgs read to them. Just explain that you know or have a
blind diabetic friend that could really benefit from having the bgs read to
them via a speech chip. BTW the unit is going to come out, not that it is a
thought, it is near completion and the company has mentioned to a blind
diabetic I know that they might consider putting speech technology into the
unit for blind diabetics. I belong to a blind diabetic list that has 200
members on it so that market isn't huge but is at least something to look
at. Of course, there are more than 200 blind diabetics, that is the only
number I have to go by based on the yahoo group I am on. You can read more
about this ear bgs testing meter at www.sugartrac.com. For a blind diabetic,
to have a unit that you don't have to prick your finger and fight for 5 to
25 mins to get the blood on the strip, and to have the bgs read to us, man!!
Talk about a wonderful accessible product! And honestly folks, speech chip
technology is not that expensive.



> You're too late Justin, I just sent the following:
> "I am a diabetic who would be interested in your product simply because we
> all get very tired of the invasive ways to obtain a drop of blood for
> testing glucose. There has been some discussion as to the benefit of your
> device for those that are blind. Not only would a device such as this be
> beneficial to blind diabetics, negating the need to find that drop of
> but if a voice chip could be added that would verbally tell what the
> is, it would be great for this group of diabetics."
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