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[IP] Can you help me?

Hi all.

I have a request and am posting this again for those who had lost power and
mayhave not gotten my first post on this issue.

Please email email @ redacted for me and ask them to put in a speech chip
into their upcoming ear bgs tester. This way, blind diabetics could use it.
Just explain to them that you have a blind friend that could really benefit
from the unit speaking to them. Being blind, getting rid of the need to
prick your finger and fight for 5 to 30 minutes to get blood on a strip
would be wonderful! Their ear bgs tester doesn't require a prick at all. You
can read about it at www.sugartrac.com. Many sighted folks are asking the
company for this feature saying things such as:

* I have a blind friend that could really benefit from this unit speaking
the bgs results

* I am sighted and would benefit from the results being spoken to me early
mornings when in bed and I wouldn't have to turn on a light to read the bgs

* My eyes are blurry and this feature would be great for me

* when I am low, my eyes become blurry and this feature would be useful for

Thank you for your considerationin emailing them,

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