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[IP] Re:Topamax&DM

 --- On Mon 08/18, probent < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: probent [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted: Sun, 17
Aug 2003 23:51:13 -0500Subject: [IP] Re:Topamax&DMYour annual contribution
will eliminate this header from your IP mailLiz, An interesting report....So you
were one of the 11 ? Did you have direct contact with Dr Vinik?Did you get the
fatigue or dizziness? Do these effects last through theday?A nice bonus was the
statement that Dr. Vinik and the ADA president-elect (Barrett) are are located"
next door" to each other( About 150 mi down64). As far as I know Vinik is
involved with the most exciting T1 DMwork--anywhere! Having the resources and
connection at the ADA may help thedevelopment of a treatment(INGAP) that could
cause the DM- maintenanceoriented industry to be very shaken. Peter
 Peter, When I said *I was one of them, I meant in the sense of being one of the
ones that topamax has helped lose weight, not one of the 11. Sorry for the
confusion. There are MANY more of us out there outside the study that don't
count by study perimeters. There are people who have actually gained some weight
on it, I know of at least one lady. And like the study claims, in spite of it
supposedly lowering your glucose requirements, her's raised drasically and mine
went up...by 5 units a day (basel) but I was willing to accept the trade off. I
do not know if it helped me lower my hbA1c but mine has lowered .7 points in the
same amount of time that I saw the greatest amount of weight loss. Or maybe I
just managed my diabetes better with my WOE & my MDI, who knows? I KNOW that
I wasn't doing great on orals, in fact my pancreas was pooping out finally cause
my hbA1c was climbing when I insisted on being placed on insulin last June 2002.
I've dropped my A1c 1.1 points since !
  then. And I did lose 18 lbs before the topamax kicked it into overdrive and I
REALLY started dropping weight. But it took almost 9 months to do the first 18
and only 4 to do the rest.
 With all that said, different people require different doses. Some require very
minor does and some quite hefty. The reason I was put on topamax to begin with
had nothing to do with weight loss, however. My neuro, who oversees that aspect
of my care, was the one who prescribed it. I was on 4800 mgs of neurontin and
nortriptyline when I first met him. We were switching the nortriptyline out
because he was concerned over my tachacaryda. He was hoping to get that to come
down by switching the two. It didn't but what we did find out was that the
nortriptyline was causing my sleepLESSness and headaches. I also have Benign
Essential Tremors and topamax is one of the medications to help with that
condition, supposedly. It didn't. But he also wanted me OFF of as much of the
neurontin as possible since neurontin causes weigh gain and topamax doesn't. And
both provide chronic pain relief for neuropathy in most people. I'm now as high
as I dare go and drink as much water as possible, a!
  t least 64 oz-96 oz a day. My neurontin is down to 1800mg a day tho and I
don't see that going down any further since the topamax isn't going up any
further :)
 As for side effects...well, I already had the dizziness and fatigue from
neurontin so it didn't bother me. It might bother others who aren't taking
something already. But as we (those of us on the Neuropathy Association Bulletin
Board) say about getting use to neurontin, this too shall pass...just give it
some time. It took me about 3 weeks to a month to get use to neurontin the first
time I got to 1800 mgs and then every time I upped the amount, it took me about
2 weeks to get thru the *woozies* and functioning again. After all that, topamax
was a walk in the park! Liz

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