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[IP] Disetronic H-Tron pump

From: Linda Kelly <email @ redacted>
>  I have no problem with H-tron, they were recalled? Not mine!
>  The water issue with H-tron was settled quite some time ago, do not wear it
>  water, well before I got mine.  Linda

I agree with Linda, I have two H-Trons that I used for four years and never
had the slightest problem.  For the most part the leaks were self induced by
people over tightening the batteries, causing hairline cracks in the case.  I
did not over tighten mine, never had cracks, and thus no leaks.

Remember, the Disetronic pumps are still on the market in all countries of the
world with the exception of the U.S.  Next year when Disetronic introduces its
replacement for the D-Tron Plus in the U.S. it will be the latest state of the
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