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Re: [IP] Diabetes Interview Letter

Without the new technology, there will never be a cure(.)
I'm very happy to be able to buy insulin from Lilly and others.  Been 
doing it for the past 64 years and never regreted it.  Damn thankful it 
was there to buy.

Terese Berryman wrote:

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>Quoting from a letter printed in the August 2003 issue of Diabetes Interview:
>"I have had type 1 diabetes for 32 years now, and I am doing great....  I know
>how much money there is to be made in the diabetes industry, and it just keeps
>growing.  I truly believe this is why they haven't found a cure! ... your
>magazine is informative and doesn't interfere with a cure; I don't believe
>that this is true for pumps, machines, glucose watches, and so on.  I think
>someone needs to step in and oversee things to be sure the cure is not being
>withheld so that these companies can continue to make the big bucks!"
>Do you really think there is a (significant?  more than one?) number of
>diabetics who think pumpers are holding up a cure by purchasing pumps?  Is
>this a bizarre idea or what?  So pumpers are co-conspirators?
>The letter writer further states that "The pharmaceutical companies are very
>powerful and control many things, and I think they know how much money they
>would lose if there were a cure for diabetes....  The more influential people
>who invest money in the diabetes industry and see how much money can be made,
>the less of a chance we will ever see a cure."  She appears to be asking
>(expecting) us to boycot new technology in order to force the industry to come
>up with a cure.  Again, bizarre.
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