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[IP] calculating grams of CHO in IV solution

>  From: Don Stevens <email @ redacted>
>  Subject: Re: [IP] calculating grams of CHO in IV solution

>  I believe hospitals etc use 5% dextrose in water.  I'm sure there is a
>  way to calculate the grams   <snip>

5% dextrose (sugar) in water is just that 5 grams of dextrose in 100
milliliters of sterile water.

For almost all surgeries, there is no reason that normal (0.9%) isotonic
saline (salt water) cannot be substituted to serve the same purpose for a

I've had numerous surgeries and always had saline administered.  Likewise, I
have never taken my pump off during surgery.  I discuss why I'd like to leave
it on with the anesthesiologist before the surgery and the only response I've
ever had is to tell them how to turn off the pump if my blood sugar starts
dropping too low.

Of course, YMMV, but this works for me.

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