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[IP] TB and Hepatitis

  The diseases they
> were most concerned with were TB and hepititus (sp). both of which are
> incurable.  So far, only TB has been an issue in our school -- we get
> lots of emigrants.

Oops!  Go to the back of the class and re-read that section on blood borne

First, TB is a very curable disease.  There are medications which work.  In
fact some people have opined that the worst thing that ever happened to
mentally retarded people, was a cure for TB.  When all the sanatoriums were
closed down, they were re-opened as institutions for the mentally

Second, Hepatitis (depending, I think on which variety) can be cured.  In
fact Hepatitis B has a vaccination which all people dealing with blood born
pathogens should take.  It is considered a routine vaccination for children
in fact.

I mostly was working with Hepatitis B patients.  Ninety percent of these
patients do what's called sero-convert.  That is they recover, and have an
antibody to the disease.  Some ten percent recover, but do not sero-convert
and these people can be carriers.

Both Hep. and TB tend to show up in large centers of institutionalized
people and is not dependent upon their green card status.

I hope this makes you feel a little bit better now.

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