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[IP] weight

I'm so glad someone brought this up.  Last year I gained more weight, and 
didn't need it.  I just had to make up for all the years of deprivation with 
 NPH/R. This year I grew up a little and decided it was time to quit acting like
kid on a free for all and work on my weight problem.  I am 70 pounds 
 overweight. I started watching very closely what I ate during the week (easier
 kids are at school and hubby at work) and then lightened up a bit on weekends.
Saw my endo in Feb and then again in July.  I lost 7 1/2 pounds!!!!  YEA!!!!  
Now, I know it's not like a whole lot, but I'm going in the right direction, 
I do not feel deprived and I am hopeful.  I started going to the Y a few days 
ago and doing a 30 minute workout every morning.  The last 2 days I've gone 
 low (once 45, then the next day 58). So now my new challenge is getting used to
my body's reaction to excercise and insulin.  I did hit suspend half way 
 through my work out on the day I went down to 58, so I'm thinking of suspending
 right before my workout and then check my BS right after and see where I'm at.
I will not give up!  And if I do, who cares :-).  
About doctors in general, I avoided them for a while cuz I was tired of being 
told what I was doing wrong and how I was a bad diabetic.  My endo now (and 
 his entire office staff) know me and my issues and have treated me with respect
and support.  As a result, my numbers are better.  See, I really am a kid at 
heart, I just needed some positive reinforcement.
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