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[IP] Re: HbA1c Wars

This topic strikes a chord with me.  I am having my first test tomorrow after
being on a new (and much better for me) pump for two months.
I expect my A1C to move from a 9 to a 7. I also expect the Endo will make some
remark about not getting a 6. I don't expect that from my CDE or pump trainer,
but I expect it from the Endo who lives with numbers, who says all pumps are
alike for everyone and who doesn't understand things like hypo-unawareness.
My BG drops drastically when I run errands, including grocery shopping etc. A
20 percent basal cut can still result in lows, while the same basal works fine
if I am home and working in my office. I'm pretty darn happy now at 120 to 140
or so. I don't seem to be able to leave home though with a 120, and stay that
way while shopping or whatever.
We'll see what happens tomorrow, and what he says, but as a rule they usually
are not too complimentary unless you show up with a 6.
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