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[IP] pump "disappeared"

Hi all,
Interesting thing happened last night. Our 14 y/o
daughter's pump "disappeared". Here's what happened.

My husband and I still take turns testing Stef in the
middle of the night (yeah, I know, shouldn't have to,
but, do it anyways...) So hubby checks her at 3a.m.
and she is 300. He reaches for the mm508 that is
always clipped to her p.j. bottoms, and, it's not
there. He looks around the bed, no pump. Turns on the
light, wakes up Stef, can't find the pump. I get up at
all the noise, think maybe she didn't reconnect after
her shower, but, nope, pump is not in the bathroom.
O.K. now we are really wide awake, Stef remembers
reconnecting and giving a small correction at 10pm
just before sleep. She still has the site nicely in
place on her hip. We spent the next hour stripping the
bed, moving the bed, looking over,under, around and
through the bed. No pump. I finally turn off the noisy
air filter, and try to figure out where it could have
gone. Then in the quiet, I hear the muffled sound of
the trusty 508 (in it's little neoprene case) tiny
little click! Welllll, we followed the click... found
the pump, tubing neatly wrapped round, tucked next to
her clock on the dresser! She must of disconnected
sometime in her sleep, and put her pump safely away.
This has not happened before, hopefully won't be
repeated. It was a nice bonding moment in the middle
of the night...NOT! Anyway, being the parent of a
teenage diabetic is always interesting.

Sally (mom of 4, just one diabetic/celiac,pumping most
of the time with a fabulous 508)

Looking forward to a full night sleep, maybe by the
time she gets married! 

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