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Re: [IP] mm512 approved!! resevior question and weight

leann, changning a reservoir and infusion set is not difficult.

First, fill the reservoir.

One before installing the plunger and filler to the insulin bottle, give
the plunder several turns
closckwise and move it up and down the reservoir 3 times. Moves the
lubricant around.

Install to Humalog bottle and press down on plunger to fill bottle with air.

Turn upside down and fill reservoir, make sure all bubbles are out, set aside.

Rewind the pump, in the main menu go to "prime" and find rewind, press ACT
to rewind, set pump aside.

Connect reservoir to infusion set, install rewervoir into pump turn until
reservoir lines up as the
book says. Prime according to the infusion set length, 23" around 5 units.

Depending on the infusion set you have, Quick Set etc installation can vary.

Fot the quick set, install into serter, remove tape seal on one side,
reinstall at a 90 degree
angle lightly, remove the other side, then the first one at an angle.

Cock or pull down on the serter until locked. Use the alcohol wipe, wait 20
seconds until
its tacky and install the infusion.

If you find that the site has hair that might prevent good adhesion then
prep it.
I had a problaem with this with the first 3 infusion sets i installed, but
gone away with prepping.

Oh one other thing, make sure there a no bubbles in the line after priming...

Hipe this helps,


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>hi all!
>i'm gonna burst!! my mm 512 was approved by my insurance company on thursday
>(my 508 is just under the 3 year mark) and it will be here tomorrow!! i'm so
>question- i've gone over the manual online, done the training on
>http://pumpshcool.minimed.com (no, i didn't print the certificate) and i'm
>trying to avoid ticking off my boss for taking off of work to see my doc just
>to show me how to put in a reservoir. have any of you gone from a 508/other
>pump and found the paradigm 511/512 reservoir change too confusing to figure
>out on your own? any tricks or advice for me? anybody going to be in the chat
>room after noon est tomorrow to help me figure this out? lol!
>fedex should be here in the morning with my pump and i really want to avoid
>the long drive to the doc's just for this! the rest i have figured out.
plus i
>want to get going NOW. :)
>and my 2 cents with the weight thing- i've been trying to loose a few extra
>lbs too. the only thing i found to counteract my
>"i-drop-the-second-i-exercise-and-eat-so-why-bother" problem was to do a)
>weight training and b) anaerobic exercise until i built up to aerobic. i'm
>so i used 5 and 8 lbs weights to build up my arms and then held them while i
>went up-and-down on a step while watching tv. then i bought that windsor
>pilates system for the anaerobic exercise part- if you do the 20 min workout
>and you're not *that* out of shape you shouldn't really do much more than
>raise your heartrate a bit but not enough to drop you. the both of those
>up my muscle mass enough so that i would start loosing a bit of weight and
>exercise stopped affecting my blood sugars as much. i could go longer and
>longer without going low.
>i'm no bodybuilder, but it's been working for me...ymmv.
>leann marcucci
>dx'd 8/00
>mm508 9/00
>mm512 tomorrow!!!!!
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: