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RE: [IP] Re: weight (long)

Be careful at the 1000 calories or less.  YMMV but I find my body goes 
into starvation mode at anything less than 1800.  I have to make it up 
by exercising.  The good news, is at my weight a slow walk will burn an 
extra 150 calories in 30 minutes.  Yes, yes, numerous idiot CDE 
Dieticians have tried to put me on the 1500 calorie thing.  However, I 
am a teacher, though it's computer science so highly desk bound.

FYI:  Here's a hint for slight highs, that I found really worked last 
year.  If i get a slight high (150-170), I'd take a short walk ... at 
school down to the office and back to check my box usually did the 
trick.  That's the length of maybe four classes rooms?  Maybe about 10 
times around the average house?  And the best news is less rebound that 

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It was their calculation (I'm not sure how they arrived at it, but it
involved a calculator :( ) for a woman of my height and frame.  They
were appalled at the idea of eating 1000 calories or less -- said I'd
have vitamin deficiencies -- but that's what it takes for me to lose
weight.  So I take supplements.

I guess I would have been a hot item in societies with periodic famine,
where ability to survive on fewer calories was valued! LOL
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