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Re: [IP] Blood borne pathogens.

I understand, gone through lots of training.  BUT the incurables (or 
difficult) we're concerned about at school are inhaled or blood borne.  
We've had to be TB tested due to an infected student often, but have 
not had a case of hepititis .. YET

We don't worry much about AIDS at school, though that was an issue at 
the police academy.

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Subject: [IP] Blood borne pathogens.

The major "blood borne pathogens" of concern are HIV (the AIDS virus) 
and the various strains of hepatitis. TB (tuberculosis) is NOT spread 
via blood, but by inhaling the bacteria, which may survive for years in 
dirt. (That's an excellent reason to discourage the habit of spitting!) 
There are some varieties of TB which are very resistant to treatment, 
but it's not considered an incurable disease in most cases. 
BTW the CDC (US Center for Disease Control) does not consider blood 
glucose test strips hazardous material, since the amount of blood 
involved is very small, and the drop dries quickly on the strip. Strips 
may safely be thrown in regular trash. (Per personal communication with 
CDC staff, May 2000) Lancets, needles and other sharps should be 
disposed of in approved containers. 

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