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RE: [IP] school nurses

True about the dress.  I was referring to how it seems to the more
'careful' (not to say paranoid) graduates of BBP training, not to an
actual danger to the world (now, Plant Creatures from the planet Zorthon
-- THAT's a threat :)
 If you search the IP Mail archives for pathogens, you'll find helpful
references.  I know I heard about OSHA deciding that testing, used
band-aids, feminine hygiene products, among other things, were _not_ of
concern for BBP, so I checked with my trainer at the next BBP training
(you have to repeat it every year) who said the same thing.  There are a
lot of parents who have fought this with their schools on the list, and
one of them may be able to give you a specific URL.

Sorry I can't be more specific.


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Remeber the dress thing was AFTER her comment.  And I'm sure that 
approximately 2 microliter of dried blood is going to cause the world a 

That said, I should probably come up with a slightly more polite way of 
dealing with things in emergency situations.  My blood sugar was 
extremely elevated that day and was dealing with no situations well.  
But I sure don't want kiddos treated that way.

To you have a online reference for the OSHA thing?
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