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Re: [IP] Re:Weight

On 8/17/03 10:55 AM, "Sharon" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated stellar typing
skills by writing:

> I wish I could go to the gym.  Live too far in the country.  I do have a
> treadmill to use on rainy days but wish I had something to strength train
> with.  I walk at least 1 mile every day outside.  I have a path around our
> property but I think being around people would help.

That's all *I* found a paid or college 'gym' helpful with, was the social
aspect of the exercise routine.

Being in the country, you have great places to explore and walk about in,
you lucky soul, here in Southern California, it's to the point I don't trust
any air I cannot see <G>.

But you do have strength training equipment! a couple of soda bottles,
filled with sand, sugar, salt dirt whatever, and grip them to use for upper
body strength.

A broom handle, across your shoulders, arms over it, doing twists and turns
helps in stretches and flexion...

You can do this.
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