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Re: [IP] Re: weight (long)

On 8/17/03 10:13 AM, "Kathy Trondsen" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated
stellar typing skills by writing:

> My problem with weight loss is that EVERYONE says, if you'd only
> exercise more, you'd lose weight.  Then the dieticians go ahead and tell
> me if I eat 1200 calories, I'll lose weight. 1500 is what they consider
> to be 'normal' maintenance calorie level.

Is that 1500 cals for you alone? They might want to do some homework about
the Base metabolic rate. In general terms and for 'easy math' this base
calorie rate, or what you would need to survive and not much else is to take
your weight and multiply that by 10. Your BASIC calorie need would be 1500
without any activity or such right now.

Their 'normal' most likely did not include any activity about sitting,
laying down or short walks.

*I* OTOH, was told to lose weight, I can follow a 1950 cal a day meal plan.

It worked better for me when I averaged 1950 daily over a week, generally
speaking. Some days I would eat less, some days a bit more. 
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