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Re: [IP] Re:Weight

In a message dated 8/17/03 11:45:01 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Thanks for all the help on my weight loss problem.  Looks like the key for
> me will be to fine tune my basal, move more, and check bs more often.  All
> of you are great!  I don't even know any other IDD and certainly no one on
> the pump.  My family and friends are great support but they can't relate to
> me or me to them the way I can relate to all of you. Sharon

Actually, if it were me, I'd tell the endo to go suck an egg. Docs are too 
fixated on weight, I think. You are not grossly overweight. I don't see a 
problem here, except in the doc's mind.

Jan ElvisToo
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