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[IP] RE: Alternate site testing

Im not trying to promote one meter over another. just stating my experience.

i started with the ultra... it IS very fast... one of the reasons, is the 
very second, it sees
the first bit of blood, it starts timing... IF the little canal, is not 
full, within the 5 seconds,
the strip is trashed... i have thrown away hundreds of them.

i have been very unsuccessful, at "BB king" testing, with the ultra..
(ive also been very unsuccessful, at playing guitar like BB, but, thats a 
whole other story)

Therasense (freestyl), seems to have taken an entirely different approach,....
it will NOT start timing, until it detect the quality of blood, required to 
perform a test...
I have been VERY successful, using the back of my wrist....
(funny thing is, when people see me do this, they THINK of the ultra, just 
because of the BB King commercial) (who says advertising doesnt work ??)

Accuracy... i cant speak of that, but, it does appear, that no 2 meters, 
(even 2 of the same brand),  never  seem to agree... it certainly is close 
enough, so it seems, for my needs, and I dont seem to have any problems, 
related to "delays caused by WHERE im testing".....

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