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Re: [IP] I was denied :-( and school nurses

The blood borne pathegen thing is a serious health problem and has 
probably been shoved down the nurse's throats.  I went through the 
police academy about 8 years ago, and I remember them one full day on 
preventing getting sick from "clients" <snicker>  The diseases they 
were most concerned with were TB and hepititus (sp). both of which are 
incurable.  So far, only TB has been an issue in our school -- we get 
lots of emigrants.

We also had a few minutes of training a few years back on how to handle 
blood.  So again, I suspect it is a training issue.

However, with your co worker, she might feel like my husband who is a 
very private and shy person.  He considers it a "personal thing" on the 
level of going to the restroom and when I first got my monitor, not 
only left the room when I pull out the monitor but takes the dogs with 
him.  He still looks the other way.

Or she might be like one of the guys who works at my gym.  The blood 
doesn't bother him, nor does forearm testing, but finger testing (when 
I'm low), makes him squeamish.  So everyone probably has their own 
issue with it.

However, 95% of my students are fascinated by the whole process.  i've 
got one little gal who last year who made a point of reminding me in 
class every day that I needed to test and set next to me almost every 
time I did.  The good news, is that she's in my AP CS class this year 
and I'll bet she takes responsibility for it again.  How many on the 
list want to bet she ends up in medicine or medical technology?  Her 
grandmother has diabetes, she's worried about it, and felt more 
comfortable asking me than grandma.  (Man I miss her and can't wait to 
see her!)
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