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RE: [IP] Re: weight (long)

Hi, Sharon,
I'm in the same boat -- only 5'4 and about 150 and my Dr. wants me down
about 120-125.  I don't use a great deal of insulin (basal is 17 units)
and my TDD is usually under 35.

My problem with weight loss is that EVERYONE says, if you'd only
exercise more, you'd lose weight.  Then the dieticians go ahead and tell
me if I eat 1200 calories, I'll lose weight. 1500 is what they consider
to be 'normal' maintenance calorie level.

Well, it isn't that easy.  I don't lose weight unless I go well under
1000 calories a day.  And my normal (keeps me at the same weight)
schedule involves about an hour (4 miles) of walking (for exercise) four
or five times a week at noon.  So I add more walking and don't lose
weight, and then people tell me that I shouldn't get discouraged because
muscle weighs more than fat, so I'm really getting more fit.  But the
Dr. still wants me to lose weight.

Complicating this all is the fact that my blood sugars go up instead of
down as a result of extra exercise, and unless I wait through the high,
I crash from the correction bolus 2-3 hours later.  My response to
exercise was documented with a CGM test, by the way -- until then people
thought I was 'mistaken'.

I wear size 14 slacks, and I'd like to get down to size 12, but it's a
long hard struggle.  You have to test a lot, you have to adjust your
basals (it helps if you can schedule your extra exercise about the same
time most days -- maybe make one of the assignments for home school a
journal of nature walks with mom?) and it helps if you can live with
highs (like 200ish) until you know if they go down by themselves, so you
don't end up doing the crash and eat thing, which defeats the whole

I'm 49 and I haven't been 120 since I was 20, so I think that's an
unrealistic goal.  If I tell people I'm supposed to be losing 30 lbs.,
they often say From Where?  I am starting to think I have a liver made
of lead or something :)

All this is not to say you can't lose weight.  I think you'll do better
if you set more moderate goals at a time (I do better if I tell myself
I'll lose 5 lbs, and then reset my goal when I achieve it, rather than
trying for the whole 30 lbs at once), and if you can accept the truth
that your A1Cs may get worse instead of better while you try to adjust

By the way, my current internist with a special interst in diabetes has
been a better doctor match for me than some of the endocrinologists I've
seen over the years -- you might want to check in your insurance list
and see if there are other doctors with a good rep. re:diabetes who are
not necessarily endocrinologists.  

Hang in there.  You are doing fine (in my opinion) keeping up with your
life, and I think your endo needs to remember that your body is not his
wife's (and Your Mileage May Vary!)

Sorry this is so long.

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My endo is thin, very thin.  Keeps telling me what his wife does daily
her exercise.  meanwhile, here in the real world where I live, I home
my 2 youngest. children (3rd grade & 6th grade), don't have a maid, and
my husband in a business he owns.  The reason he wants me at that weight
because that's what I weighed at 30.  16 years ago. Two children ago..
There is only one other endo in my area and my ins won't cover him. Last
letter my endo sent after blood work, "You don't need more insulin just
walking!"  What to do?
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Subject: [IP] Re: weight

> >>> My endo insists on my losing 25 -30 pounds but every time I try
> to alter my eating habits and exercise more I suffer from lows and
> lousy.  I am 5'6" and weight 150 and use around 55 -60u of humalog
> >>>
> Pardon me while I ramble some thoughts:
> How much does the endo weigh?
> There are people willing to go under the knife (gastric bypass
surgery) to
> look like you do now.
> Losing 30# from 150# means you'd weigh 120#. At your height, why is
> necessary?
> Perhaps ideal, but necessary?
> What's the problem?
> Do you have an extra pair of shoes you can give to your endo to walk
> a week?????
> Are we missing some info not shared?
> There are other endos.
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