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[IP] I was denied :-( and school nurses

Kathleen wrote
>We started school today -- teacher workshops.  My blood sugar finally
>dropped and I got light headed -- so grabbed my meter and tested.  (was
>at 187, from 250 an hour ago, so that must have done it).  Anyway,
>school nurse was sitting next to me and she said "You need to do that
>in my clinic, blood borne pathogen".  I suspect what got her the most,
>is that I wiped the blood off my forearm onto my dress but oh
>well....but the above was already out of her mouth.
So, what is this *blood borne pathogen* thing?  One of my co-workers does an
about-face when she walks into my office and I'm testing.  I mean, a real
about-face.  I just figured she's squemish about a drop (that .3 ul) of blood.
But, maybe she's concerned about catching something?  Just don't know what the
imagined (or even the real) story is here and would like to know what the
concern might be.
Lee and Beep, her clear Paradigm
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