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[IP] HbA1c Wars

Carlena Roebuck wrote in her profile:
>I was diagnosed a diabetic when I was 15 years old. I am now 42. I have
>lived with diabetes for 27 years. At this time I have no known side effects
>of my diabetes. I would like to keep it that way. That's why I am looking
>into the use of an insulin pump. I am at this time having great hba1c's of
>6.9 but having quite a few hypoglycemic incidents. I would like to limit
>these.  I have been informed that an insulin pump may help me. I live in St.
>Louis, MO.

I've lived with T1 for 32 years (I'm 57 years old) and have been pumping for
18 months.  It was the pump that enabled me to reduce my HbA1c from over 9 to
7.1.  But I haven't attempted to reduce it any lower than that.  I don't have
frequent or serious low's and my CDE suggests that this is an acceptable
trade-off.  Striving for  the-lowest-A1c-in-town may not be the best course
for a lot of us.  I don't have any apparent complications and couldn't say
enough wonderful things about how the pump and changed my life for the much,
much better.  It's a wonder.
Lee & her clear Paradigm, Beep
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