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Re: [IP] Re:Weight

The weight loss is super Kathy!

To the original poster -- I personally found that going to a gym and 
getting on a treadmill is helpful.  I go to an excellant gym and go at 
the end of my work day.  No matter how bad the day is, they are 
welcoming, friendly and helpful.

Before diabetes, I had lost a little over 100 pounds.  I've found that 
if i follow what the CDE dieticians want me to do, I gain weight, and I 
have problems with food.  If I eat my way, I can lose weight, but my 
blood sugar control goes out of the window.

I've found that MDI makes me gain weight, even though I'm at the gym 
every day, and do as much as I physically can.  I haven't missed the 
gym except for 7 days since January 1.  One day was due to a low caused 
by the physical effort needed to set up a new computer classroom from 
scratch.  The other 6 days were 3 days seperate after each of my carpel 
tunnel surgeries.  I was in too much physical pain to do do it.

I have lots of lows at the gym, but we are all getting used to them 
(both me, and the people at the gym).  I keep a small amount of 
emergency items at hand, and one of the ladies runs and get my monitor. 
 Reminder to self: keep it with me!

Treating lows causes me to injest more calories though <sigh>

Today is a good example, I ended up eating more than I wanted and 
planned today to treat a slight low.  :-(

...pumping on Thursday!
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