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Re: [IP] wisdom teeth extraction and HIGHS

Steroids can last for a couple of weeks, depending on amt. injected.
A few yrs ago I had a neck prob. doctor injected  about 15 ml a couple 
of weeks apart,  Cured the neck but really messed up the glucose.  After 
the last injection, it took a little over 2 weeks for things to get back 
to --my normal :)

Rammtoy wrote:

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>Hey all. Kevin had his wisdom teeth out Wednesday and is doing well, except
>for the constant HIGHS. We have his pump set at 250% increase of basals, and
>we do massive corrections every 2 hours! It has been nuts! Even all night we
>correct and we haven't seen but one bg under 200...but then the next was right
>up there. I called the endo, and he said "change the site" which is was a 1
>day old site before surgery...(had great bgs before) so we did...Nothing...and
>told us to up his basals by 10%!!! ha ha
>We know he got a shot of steroids in his IV before going under
>anesthesia...how long does that usually last. The pain is finally tolerable,
>so we feel it must be the steroids!
>Any advice?
>Mom to Kevin, 15, dx 12/98
>pumping 5/99
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: