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[IP] Freestyle Meters

First, I love my Freestyle Meter, and I really love the company.  There 
is something about their attitute when you need to deal with them.

This morning, got up , did a few things, went out to the pool to get 
wet and cool off (those in chat will know that we are without A/C in 
Dallas Texas), noticed i was feeling a bit funny and tried to take a 
blood sugar reading.  Flipping meter kept giving me Error 4's (which 
aren't in the manual -- and happened before).  So grabbed the spare 
meter, spare test strips, so could trouble shoot it.  And I discover my 
near vision is blurred -- sure sign of a low.

(And I was a touch low -- but that took a while to get there).

This time, the person on the end of the phone seemed not at all 
surprised that switching meters immediately fixed the problem.  The 
last two times I've had this, they've acted like it was my fault -- 
test strips stored in the bathroom (well in my case in the L well away 
from the plumbing, user error etc.

So I'm guessing that Freestyle has finally figured out a small 
manufacturing problem, especially since the beep on the new meter -- 
shipped to the house less than a month ago, has a different tone to the 
beep than any Freestyle before.

I'm not at all dismayed by this -- they are fixing the problem.

What I have liked about Freestyle is that when you lose a lancelet, 
they are happy to send a replacement and even send two, just because 
you are afraid you'll be without because you've already lost one.  The 
only time they've treated me like an idiot was the last meter that 
suddenly started getting 4's, but then at the time I wasn't feeling 
well, and the girl on the end said -- hey, if you don't like the 
readings you're getting, we'll go ahead and send a new one.

....pumping on Thursday!
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