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Re: [IP] Coffee, Caffeine and morning basal check

At 02:18 AM 8/17/03, you wrote:
>Just a question for the group.  I have documented that ALL coffee, regular or
>decaffeinated causes my BG to go up.  I got to thinking that if I drank 3
>  mugs of decaffeinated coffee every morning, why should I do a morning basal
>when I only drink water.  It seems like to me that I should do the basal
>  check WHILE I drink the coffee. By the way, I drink my coffee with one 
> of those
>pink packages of sweetener and about a 1/2 ounce of 1% milk to lighten it 
>up a
>What do you think about the basal check situation?
>Cee Dee

And what if you have a morning when you can't drink your coffee?  Such as 
fasting for surgery, blood testing, etc.  Then you'd go low from the basal 
too high.  If you have a problem with coffee, why not just figure out a 
bolus for it?  Theoretically, your basal should be covering fasting, not 
any food items.  YMMV.

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