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Re: [IP] Re: weight

Excuse me too,

but at 5'6" your at 150, hmmmm  and now to go to 120, whats the reason.....
what scale is the
endo following. 

How do you feel, do you think you need to lose weight.....


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>>>> My endo insists on my losing 25 -30 pounds but every time I try
>to alter my eating habits and exercise more I suffer from lows and just feel
>lousy.  I am 5'6" and weight 150 and use around 55 -60u of humalog daily.
>Pardon me while I ramble some thoughts:
>How much does the endo weigh?
>There are people willing to go under the knife (gastric bypass surgery) to
>look like you do now.
>Losing 30# from 150# means you'd weigh 120#. At your height, why is that
>Perhaps ideal, but necessary?
>What's the problem?
>Do you have an extra pair of shoes you can give to your endo to walk in for
>a week?????
>Are we missing some info not shared?
>There are other endos.
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