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Re: [IP] pizza advice needed!

Justin, rebounding is when you go low for several reasons and then your
body compensates
and releases glucose to offset the low, unfortunately you don't know this
happens and
cannot compensate with insulin.

Example, you take enought insulin for a pizza meal, if your pumping you try
to guess
when the fat will hit, you guess wrong, the insulin gets there before the
you go low, the body compensates for the low and you wind up high.

Yes ice cream can act the same way, depending on the fat content. The
better it
tastes in general, the more the fat....

Guess i'm a little lucky in that regard, i do not like sweets, rather eat a


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>what do you mean rebounded? Can you please explain?
>> I think you rebounded, it happens to me, not necessarily with pizza.
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