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[IP] Cause of High BS?

>  From: Richard Haynes <email @ redacted>

>  Subject: [IP] Re: Cause of HighBS?

>  1) a) Measure my BS at ~72 C
     b) Go outside at ~85 C and 70-90%RH for 5 minutes.
      c) Go inside at ~72 C and measure BS.
>  Conc. My BS went up 150 units.

>  2) At very hgh C and RH(guess 90/900. My BS went > 450. I took 45 insulin
>  units9one day is 45units) for my BS to come down to ~150 BS units.
>  I never had this obsveration in years < 55 years young but it is a consant

Hi Richard,

What are you trying to say?  Will you please explain your codes, such as, C,
RH, high% (of what), and "units9one"?  Your question could be much better
understood by all if you would simply use words and complete sentences
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